What is the difference between "down cotton" and "down"?

2019-01-22 17:01:48

Everyone will wear a down jacket in the winter, and it is generally believed that the thicker the down jacket will be, the warmer it will be. The main thing in the market is gray duck down and white goose down. In addition to white goose down, only one product per year, so the price is relatively expensive. In addition, we all have some misunderstandings about the stuffing materials of down jackets. What misunderstanding? For example, down cotton and down, maybe everyone will think that down cotton is also added a certain amount of cotton, down is simply animal feathers, in fact, this understanding is not correct! There is a big difference between the two, so many people will buy the wrong.
Down cotton is different in the market, and some people call it cotton pure bio-wool. There is also a bio-synthetic velvet on the market, which is half-feathered half cotton, which is easily confused with real cotton (down cotton). Some black heart processing factories will use this stuffed material to deceive consumers, and it is still very common in the market. It is basically difficult to distinguish as a layman, and many people buy the wrong one.
Then down is the general animal feather plus a velvet, and the more velvet, the higher the quality of your down jacket, which is the amount of cash that we usually say on the tag. Usually 80% to 90%, it is good.
The difference between down cotton and down:
1. Nature

Down cotton is what we call silk, but not everyone thinks cotton, artificial products are cotton chemical fiber, down is animal feathers, mostly duck down and goose down, generally goose down is much more expensive.

2. Warmth

Because down is the feather of the animal, and the density is better than the down cotton, and the insulation is higher, the down jacket is warmer than the average cotton suit.

3. Fluffiness

The down is warm, and the bulkiness is high, the compressibility and resilience are stronger, and the general down cotton fluff is not so high, so the relative warmth is not so high.