What is the difference between the “down jacket” of 500 and 5000? After listenin

2019-01-22 17:22:34

Like the down jackets that everyone generally knows, there are thousands of pieces. Generally, they are wearing down jackets of 300-1000. It should be that everyone thinks that the quality is OK. Some netizens say that the actual cost of down jackets is very low. But the price is high. In the middle is huge profits, now it is time to wear down jackets, everyone has begun to buy down jackets, and various clothing stores are also competing to sell various styles of down jackets. So, if we want to buy down jackets now, how should we pick good quality and high quality? Xiao Bian deliberately asked an acquaintance friend and opened a not-so-low down processing factory. The boss told me the "secret".

1.Outer fabric

Everyone knows that if a down jacket wants to achieve warmth, it is necessary to choose a windproof fabric. The quality of the fabric must be high, and you can feel the down jacket of about 5000. In addition to the production cost and brand effect, you can talk. The quality of the fabric, plus the cold, rainy weather in winter. If the down jacket can't get wind and rain, then it basically loses the meaning of down. It is difficult to prevent cold and rain like the general down fabric. The lower price is not much worse than the average cotton suit. The owner of the garment factory told me that the cost of a piece of clothing is high, so the quality is relatively good, and the natural price will be thrown up. So if you want to see the quality value of a down jacket is not worth the price, you must first look at this piece. The fabric of the clothes is not easy to hang, it is smooth, and it can be waterproof to a certain extent.

2. Filler

If the down jacket is to be warm enough, it must have a certain amount of down filling, but the filling of the down jacket is generally about 500 yuan in the market, basically it is the feather root, and the duck down is mostly because the duck down can be produced 3 times a year. Goose down is produced every year, so it is said that goose down is very expensive. Generally, there are more duck down suits, and there are good and bad differences in the duck down suit. You will find that the low price duck down suit, the filler inside, is basically very rough, sometimes the needle thread is not strict. There is a feather with feathers directly inserted outside the fabric, and there will be a thick duck down taste. This small series is deeply understandable. You can smell the duck down on everyone by bus in winter. The general price is high, the quality of the down jacket, the feathers are feathers, very light, there will be no feathers, the taste is very good. Therefore, this type of down jacket is relatively light and has a high resilience. This is the gap between high-priced down jackets and low-priced downs.

3. Fluffiness

Everyone knows that the good quality of down jackets should be able to have a fluffy degree. It is not the kind of cotton clothes that can be directly turned into a glimpse. Good down jackets are generally very resilient and can be tested in clothing stores. Lay a down jacket on the table, then gently press down with the palm of your hand, then release the palm. If you can recover quickly, it is a good quality. If you can't rebound for a long time, and there is a obvious indentation. This kind of down is inferior, the weight is generally heavier than the quality down jacket, and the light and fluffy is basically a good down jacket. Generally, we can keep our warm down jackets. The bulkiness is about 500 to 600. It is too low to buy. Wasting money also bought less good quality. What do you say?