How did the post-90s start a garment factory and earn 2 million yuan a year?

2019-01-23 15:21:44

It's easy to succeed if you have a good way to start a business.
Li Lin is a post-90s man who has been running a garment factory for more than a year and has made 2 million yuan. For him, his road to entrepreneurship has just begun. In the future, he wants to be his own clothing brand.
Why did a garment factory succeed in opening for the first time after 1990?
The success or failure of a person's entrepreneurship depends entirely on his pattern.
Li Lin's major in college was related to clothing, and he did not spend four years in a muddle. Instead, he had been planning and preparing for his clothing factory.
During the golden period of his freshman and sophomore years, Li Lin devoted himself to learning professional knowledge. Occasionally, he would go to some large garment wholesale market, and he went to Chaotianmen garment wholesale market more often.
Here, Li Lin has mastered some popular fashion styles in the market, and at the same time, he is familiar with many bosses. In his junior year, Li Lin began to specialize in the clothing wholesale market. He got to know the bosses who were not good at making clothing wholesale business and learned about the clothing store's purchasing channels from them.
During this period, Li Lin also worked part-time in some clothing stores, even as a "stick" to help the owner get goods. In this way, after graduating from his senior year, Li Lin has basically understood some doors of the clothing wholesale market. After graduation, Li Lin began to open his own clothing factory.
Just as Li Lin had an uncle who had been in business before, he left behind an old factory and was transferring leases. Li Lin thought it was an opportunity, so he rented the factory. Purchased a batch of old sewing machines from training schools and started production.
At first, Li Lin's garment factory had 20 workers. He runs to Chaotianmen every morning at seven o'clock to find a sales channel, and returns to the factory at three or four o'clock in the afternoon to catch up on production. Because there is no professional fashion designer and the trend of the market can not be grasped, Li Lin will buy back the popular fashions in the clothing wholesale market and let the workers process and produce them.
At first, Li Lin's garment factory was not doing very well. But in the third month of operation, he met a big customer in Chaotianmen, who urgently needed a number of special models of clothing, just as Li Lin's factory had enough stock. In this way, Li Lin earned the first barrel of gold in his life, which made Li Lin 500,000 yuan.
Since shipment, Li Lin's confidence in opening a clothing store has increased greatly. And he runs the clothing wholesale market more frequently. Slowly he took over a lot of business, clothing factory business is becoming more and more prosperous.
A year later, Li Lin roughly estimated that his garment factory was making 2 million yuan.
In fact, the success of Li Lin's entrepreneurship lies in his planning of his career and his spirit of hard work. Although it is the post-90s generation, the spirit of hardship and endurance that it shows is really worth learning from us!